Our technique gives the best colour (for longer)
     For consistent vibrant colours, we have opted for vinyl transfers.

Piccolo Clothing uses two different techniques to print its shirts vinyl transfer and direct-to-garment digital printing. We prefer vinyl transfer because of the vibrant colours and consistency with quality whether it be one or 100 shirts. And just as important, it lasts the longest.

Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfers are one of the most popular methods of t-shirt printing. A computer-controlled cutter is used to cut a design out of a special vinyl. This vinyl is then removed from its backing sheet and applied to the garment using a heat press. The result is the toughest of all t-shirt printing methods and will last the longest. The vinyl is manufactured in a wide range of colours and is fantastic for simple solid colour designs.

Direct-to-garment Digital Printing

The printing is done directly onto each garment at a high resolution. It gives a smooth finish flush to the t-shirt and is more suited to complex designs such as artwork or photographs.